Dental Exams and Cleaning from Dr. Kerry Enger Family Dental Care

Protect Your General Health with Regular Dental Exams

As a new or returning patient, your dental exams at Dr. Kerry Enger Family Dental Care are personalized services important not only to your oral health but also your overall health. Be able to chew and smile comfortably and with confidence. Your thorough dental examination gives us the necessary information to diagnose any dental problems and create your personal treatment plan. You should expect your exam to include:

• Examination for Tooth Decay

• Exam for Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

• Assessment of Your Bite

• Oral Cancer Screening

Dental Hygiene and Cleaning for Children and Adults

Prevent oral disease and protect your overall health with regularly scheduled cleaning at Dr. Kerry Enger Family Dental Care. Also give your children an early start in good dental hygiene habits. Dr. Enger will not only clean children’s teeth to remove harmful plaque and tartar, but we also teach them how and when to brush. Book an appointment and make Dr. Enger your first line of defence against health problems that can show up in your teeth and gums, such as poor nutrition or enamel loss.

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